Gratitude to our Departing Editorial Director

Three years ago a small team worked every day through the summer months to craft what would launch in January 2013 as the Marginalia Review of Books. Angela Roskop Erisman was the very first editor appointed in this new magazine in the summer of 2012, and she became an integral part of that early task force as we transformed a vision into specific detail.

Angela began with MRB as a subject editor in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament, but not a few months into her role we recognized her immense editorial value and we asked her to oversee the editorial process for all of our reviews. She eventually took the title of Editorial Director, and for the past two years she has worked with the hundreds of contributors and editors who have produced the reviews that have set this magazine apart. She has not only acted as Editorial Director since 2013 but has also been a key voice in discussions among members of the editorial board regarding special projects and the direction of the magazine.

So I am saddened — and yet delighted for her — to share with you that Angela is stepping down from her role as Editorial Director to devote her full attention to her new editorial business. Drawing on her experience at MRB as well as a traditional academic presses, she is poised to assist new clients with any stage of the publishing process — from project development to copyediting, typesetting, and cover design — and to offer dissertation and dissertation-to-book coaching for students and emerging scholars.

I encourage you to call on her when you need her professional skill, and to tell your colleagues and students. Angela is not only able to offer real expertise in editing and publishing but she is also a supremely gracious colleague. Our joy of working with Angela the past few years has reminded us how rare it is to find someone whose high-level technical knowledge is matched by a correspondingly rich personal integrity and compassion for her colleagues.

Fortunately for MRB, Angela will remain with us as Editor-at-Large, offering her needed voice in an advisory capacity as we go forward. Please join me in thanking Angela and wishing her the very best in her new adventures. And please call upon her with your next dissertation, article, or book project.

Timothy Michael Law