Why Deep Learning For The Digital Age?

The internet and education are in crisis.

The fragmentation of higher education parallels the divisions of the global community and the new tribalism the Internet has helped create, with each group closed into its own sphere of interests and information, custom-made to confirm its biases.

The result? We were promised knowledge and tolerance for everyone, and are now more divided than ever.

We witness this division in the splintering of human meaning in art, religion, and culture from scholarship and science. Knowledge disintegrated into specialized silos lacks meaning and has no impact, yet meaning that is not based on science and scholarship magnifies human prejudice and tribalism, making Fake News the new normal.

Depth of meaning combined with rigorous thinking continues the best of the Enlightenment project, and becomes our contribution to the public good: Deep Learning for the Digital Age.

Marginalia’s Mission is to use the two great knowledge technologies of the modern world, the internet and the research university, to solve the crisis they have created: the fragmentation of rigorous knowledge from human meaning.

Marginalia  combines the virtues of the university and the internet to create new forms of critical knowledge that intersect journalism, scholarship, and public discourse.

MRB began in 2013 as a review of books focusing on history and religion, and since 2017 has provided a new digital commons for conversation about the most important subjects, from science and history to art and religion. Marginalia is a charitable organization and magazine for the public good.

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