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Review Editors

Arash Azizi (Middle Eastern History)
Michael J. Altman (Asian Traditions)
Blain Auer (Medieval and Early Modern Islamic History)
Sarah E. Bond (Late Antique Christianity)
Nina Caputo (Medieval and Early Modern Jewish History, sabbatical)
Amin Ehteshami (Theology and Islamic Legal Theory)
Eitan Fishbane (Jewish Mysticism)
Rachel Friedman (Early Islamic History and Qur’an)
Aaron L. Griffith (American Religious History)
Gil Rubin (Modern Jewish History)
Ingie Hovland (Anthropology)
Sarah Ifft Decker (Medieval History)
Alexandra Kaloyanides (Asian Traditions)
Ayla Lepine (Culture & Arts)
Mark Letteney (Late Antiquity)
Hindy Najman (Second Temple Judaism)
Rachel Pafe  (Contemporary Art)
Eli Rosenblatt (Modern Jewish Culture and Politics)
Zalman Rothschild (Law and Religion)
Samuel Thomas (Early Jewish History)
Jonathan Tran  (Philosophy, Religion, and Culture)
Lily Vuong (Late Antique Christianity)
Joseph Williams (Modern Christianity)

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