Rachel Pafe

Rachel Pafe a writer and researcher who writes broadly about representations of religion in contemporary art, with an emphasis on interfaith connections. Her current research is focused on multidisciplinary conceptions of speculative times in Judaism, exploring contemporary historians, artists and science fiction writers who approach echoes of past Jewish times and temporalities in the imagining of future worlds. In addition to writing fiction and criticism, she collaborates across disciplines, including projects with artists, religious historians, philosophers and game designers. She has an MRes in Exhibition Studies (Central Saint Martins UAL) and is currently completing an MA in Jewish Studies at University of Potsdam. 

Her current projects include The Word for World is… a reading group and play group co-led with artist and game designer Aidan Wall focused on communal world-building and interested in the intersections between belief systems and systems of play. She also runs Reading Scholem in Constellation, a reading group hosted by Hopscotch Reading Room concentrated on rethinking historian, kabbalist and philosopher Gershom Scholem through reading his writing in unexpected dialogues with contemporary thinkers, particularly from feminist and interfaith perspectives.